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Help Us Make A Difference!  

We need your help to unlock the mystery of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, so that all babies will be born without these serious and often life threatening health conditions. What can you contribute?

  • TIME: Be a volunteer. Help out at one of our fundraising events, or let us know how else you can contribute your time.

  • SERVICE: Does your business provide a service that we could use? Printing of promotional materials, installation of wheelchair ramps, adaptation of bicycles...?  Do you have a recreational accessible location we could facility a get-together?

  • MONETARY DONATION: All cash donations will be gratefully accepted, and a charitable receipt (for all donations $20 or more) will be issued to you for tax purposes. Please mail your cheques to our office using the attached form:

  • GIFT(s) / DOORPRIZE:  Great opportunity for companies of all sizes to promote their business via upcoming events such as Hope Classic or Walk & Roll Alberta etc.  Please contact us directly to make arrangements.    

  • SPONSOR / HOST YOUR OWN EVENT:  Great for companies who want to organize and host an event of your choice!  Team building activities and events are a great way to engage coworkers!  Adding a fundraising component is an amazing way to support your community.  An existing corporate event can easily be turned into a fundraiser if each employee is encouraged to give a small donation to participate.  Another option is to create your own Day of Giving or Team Challenge to raise dollars for SBHASA.

If you have questions about what kind of contribution you can make, please contact us.

SBHASA is extraordinarily grateful to our team of dedicated volunteers. The work you do—be it ongoing or temporary—is invaluable to us as an organization. Thank you so much for choosing to dedicate your time and energy to our organization; we hope that the joy you experience while volunteering is as immense as our gratitude.

                               Special Thanks to Tom's House of Pizza, Macleod Trail, for hosting our

                               2018 Volunteer Appreciation Lunch!

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