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Board of Directors 2024


Joe Dzurilla - President

Joe is a valuable member of the SBHASA, formerly serving as President of SBHASA and past Casino GM.  Joe's beautiful daughter will be 22 years old this year.  She was born with Spina Bifida and is the reason Joe first became a member - so he could learn more and become an advocate for this disability.

Joe's other passions include his two amazing dogs (Romeo and Leo), skiing, hiking, socializing, travelling, and running. 


Minh Ho - Vice President     

Minh has been a valuable member of the SBHASA for several years, previously held the role of President, and is our Casino GM.  Minh and Jane are proud parents of their daughter Naomi (born with Spina Bifida) and son Nate.  




Steve has been our Treasurer for many years now.  His wife Sharon previously held the position of Secretary.  Steve has worked hard to keep our finances and bylaws in order.  We are grateful for the long hours of work the Simon family contributes.  Steve and Sharon are proud parents, as well grandparents...their youngest child Dylan (who does amazing glass sculpting!) was born with Spina Bifida.

Steve Simon - Treasurer          

Tricia Spruit - Secretary / Program Coordinator

Tricia has been a Board Member with SBHASA for 13+ years.  She handles the financials for the association and Coordinates the annual fundraisers and social programs.  She can also be found working alongside our Northern counterparts dually hosting events etc.  She keeps busy with 3 children and youngest son Joel, (turning 14 this year), who was born with Spina Bifida.  

Tricia's hobbies include gardening, travelling, socializing and her candy business!

Members at Large

Lisa Peirson, Yee May, Lisa Ritz, Akhere Femi-Mogaji, Dianne Page, Asif Alam, Hunter Graves, Tracy Boisselle, Roger Smith 

         Clinical Resource Nurse (Kaitlyn Francois - ACH Myelo Clinic)  (403) 955-7135


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