Funding and Forms

Residents of Southern Alberta (South of Highway 11) with Spina Bifida and/or associated hydrocephalus are eligible to apply for the SBHASA's funding programs. The person must be followed and actively treated by a medical professional for Spina Bifida.


  • The Applicant must be a member of the SBHASA for at least one (1) year prior to the request.
  • The Applicant must have a minimum of five (5) volunteer hours with the association over the past two (2) years.
  • Items covered by any government or private insurance are not eligible.
  • A Funding Program Form must be completed and signed by the Applicant or Guardian.
  • A description of the item and the original receipt must be provided to the association for their records.

Funding Guidelines

The maximum allowable amount is $2,500.00 per applicant per year (January to December).

1. Support and Personal Health

  • General needs - such as home improvements, daily living
  • Medical needs - such as medical equipment, unusual health expenses, cecostomy tubes
  • Items that improve the quality of life for individuals with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus will be considered
  • Items required for bowel and bladder care that are not covered by AADL, private insurance or FSCD (such as catheters, vinyl gloves, suppositories, and enemas: diapers and wet wipes will only be covered for applicants over the age of three)
  • Applicant's portion of AADL, private insurance or FSCD for bowel and bladder supplies may be submitted
  • Any respite not covered by FSCD or PDD

2. Recreational

  • Any program or activity that promotes participation, health, and/or well being
  • Modified recreational equipment, such as hand-pedalled bicycles
  • Programs that are already funded by SBHASA are not included

3. Educational

  • Any program costs such as tuition, text books or tutoring fees
  • Educational accessories, such as electronic organisers, educational computer programs or teaching aids
  • Computer (hardware) purchases held to a maximum of $1,000.00 every 3 calendar years

Approval Process

Applications will be reviewed by the SBHASA Executive Committee and notification of their decision will be made to the Applicant.

Program funding cannot exceed the yearly budget amount. If requests surpass the budgeted amount, the Executive Committee shall at that time review the Funding Program and implement necessary changes.

Download SBHASA Funding Program application form

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