SBHASA members can request a copy of Bitsy & Bumbsy Bottom: stop those pressure sores!!! by contacting our office. Written by Jenny Aikenhead and Stephanie Birkett from the ACH SB clinic, this illustrated story tells kids how to look after their skin and avoid pressure sores. Coming soon! Bitsy & Bumbsy Bottom: stop those pressure sores!!! will be available online to download in an interactive PowerPoint format. Please check back in the fall 2007 to download your free copy. The following informational materials are available to borrow from SBHASA:
  • Sexuality Issues, by Steven Sloan (2003 SBAA conference lecture on cassette)
  • Facilitating Social Skills Development, by James Loomis (2003 SBAA conference lecture on cassette)
  • SPINAbilities, by Marlene Lutkenhoff (book)
  • When your child has Learning Differences, by Gary Fisher and Rhoda Cummings (book)
  • Paralysis Resource Guide, by Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center
Please contact Stephanie Birkett at ACH if you would like to borrow these materials.

Recommended Reading:

This great reference book is available to purchase for $10 through our office. Please contact us for more information, or talk to Stephanie at your next clinic visit.
  • Right Under My Nose is an online book created to help children with spina bifida understand their condition, discover new ways to enrich their lives and help their parents and caregivers answer many of the tough questions that arise. With a fully interactive story, activities, tips, and a printable version of the whole book, this site is intended to be educational and fun.
  • Headstrong: A children's book about hydrocephalus.
From the author Stefania Moffatt. "I recently wrote an eBook, Headstrong, about a fun-loving girl who likes to make people laugh. When Ellie was in her mommy's tummy the doctors discovered a cyst on her brain, which turned out to be hydrocephalus. Headstrong documents Ellie's operations soon after birth to her life today. The eBook is great for kids of all ages as it demonstrates how you can overcome a challenge at any age and to accept and understand what makes people unique. Headstrong can also prepare kids for doctor and hospital visits." To Purchase Headstrong and learn more about the author click here The SBHASA has also donated the following books to the Calgary Public Library:



Books for kids / teens:
Nick Joins In Lasker, Joe
Rolling Along with Goldilocks Meyers, Cindy
Princess Pooh Muldoon, Kathleen
The Hospital Book Howe, James
Easy for You to Say Kaufman, Miriam
What's Stopping You? Nagler, Mark
SPINAbilities Lutkenhoff, Marlene
How it Feels to Fight for Your Life Krementz, Jill
And How are We Feeling Today Hammer, Kathryn
Medical Information:
Current Concepts in Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Bannister, C. and Tew, B.
The Shunt Book Drake, J. and Sainte-Rose, C.
Bowel Continence and Spina Bifida Leibold, Susan
Bowel Management Programs Accent Guide
Hydrocephalus Toporek, C. and Robinson, K.
Protecting Against Latex Allergy VHS-SBAA
Pressure Sores Accent Guide
The Ostomy Book Mullen, B. and McGinn, K.
Parenting and Families:
Parenting Tips from Parents (who happen to have a disability) Accent Guide
Uncommon Fathers Myers, Donald
Caution: Do Not Open Until Puberty Enright, Rick
Children With Spina Bifida Lutkenhoff, Marlene
Brothers, Sisters, and Special Needs Lobato, Debra
Special Siblings McHugh, Mary
Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs Meyer, Donald and Vadasy, P.
Nobody's Perfect Miller, Nancy
Yes You Can Nagler, Mark
Steps to Independence Baker, B. and Brightman, A.
Living with Spina Bifida Sandler, Adrian
Sexual Development:
Sexuality and the Person with Spina Bifida Sloan, Stephen
Reproductive Issues for Persons with Physical Disabilities Haseltine, Cole and Gray
Love: Where to Find It, How to Keep It Becker, Elle
Enabling Romance Kroll, K. and Klein, E.
Wings to Fly Bailey, Sally Dorothy
Including Students with Physical Disabilities in Regular P.E. Block, Martin
Active Living Through Physical Education Active Living Alliance
Learning a Living Brown, Dale
Job Hunting Tips for the So-Called Disabled Bolles, Richard